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Digital Communication

The services

Blog Curation

A blog (web log) is a regularly updated website or page, written in an informal and conversational style. Blog posts are displayed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent appearing at the top of the page.

Why use a blog?

✔Increase your website’s traffic & get more leads

✔Create foundations for your brand’s trustworthiness

✔Connect with the world & make your ideas know

Email Marketing

A newsletter is a tool, a bulletin, used by companies and organizations to promote sales and drive traffic to their website, through sharing relevant information and engaging content to a network of customers, prospects, and subscribers.

Why send newsletters?

✔Increase your website’s traffic & get more leads

✔Deliver targeted messages that have an instant impact

✔Start easy at a low cost

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Let us enchant your followers!

Why choose us?

JCC is a creative agency that can create your content, design it, beautify it, brandify it, distribute it across your social media platforms and manage everything for you. JCC has solutions for all your digital problems.

Use branded content

We create branded content according to your brand guidelines. You don't have brand guidelines? We can fix that too 😏

Communicate effectively and on brand

We create captivating copy according to your communication guidelines. You don't have communication guidelines? We can fix that too! 😉

Our work

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Mix&Match our Services

By choosing a Blog and/or Newsletter plan, you get 10% off from our Commercial Photography services! Use it wisely.

What will your business gain from a blog or a newsletter?

Claim your space on the digital scene!

You will not have to worry about staying up to date with your audience and partners. Use your limited time to focus on your business's needs and grow more.

Improve your website's SEO
Build relationships with your audience
Improve your digital presence

Invest in your brand's future.

Improve your digital communication game with JCC.

We use a mixture of tools and tactics to set your brand's voice & tone and reach your communication goals. Our knowledge and expertise will help define the right tactics for your business.

Are you ready to connect with the world & increase your traffic?